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    Oceania provides one of the highest quality cruise products by presenting the finest culinary experience at sea, authentic destination experiences, and warm, luxurious ambiances. Combining a casually sophisticated onboard experience with the most alluring destinations around the world, Oceania provides a truly extraordinary travel experience.

    Oceania 2024 world cruise to take you around the world.

    Oceania Insignia

    Los Angeles to New York

    January 9 - July 12, 2024

    Continents: 5

    Countries: 34
    Length: 180

    Overnights: 24

    Ports Visited: 96

    *Prices starting at $43,199 ​pp

    Oceania 2025 world cruise is spending 180-days at sea to travel the world.

    Oceania Insignia

    Miami to San Diego

    January 5 - July 4, 2025

    Continents: 5

    Countries: 32
    Length: 180

    Overnights: 21

    Ports Visited: 89

    *Prices starting at $44,999 ​pp