Top Tips For Planning A World Cruise

By: World Cruise Advisors

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Choosing the best itinerary and cruise ship for your style is critical for your no-regrets, around the world cruise enjoyment. How to do that? It can be overwhelming. We understand choosing a luxury cruise ship that checks all the boxes on your bucket list travel experience can be difficult with the amount of .

Plan Ahead -

The best cabins and suites go fast – while there may still be some availability for next years world cruises, we recommend booking about 2 years in advance to make sure you get everything you want out of your world cruise.

What you didn't know you needed to know -

Knowing which ports you'll only be able to pay with cash and which ones don't speak your native language is helpful. Not only at knowing how to navigate when you get off the boat to explore but also so you can fully immerse yourself in the culture and experience. Pro Tip: Download offline maps and walking tours on your phone or tablet, so it'll be easy to find your way around.

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Take Advantage of Virtuoso Benefits -

There are some wonderful custom perks from private cocktail receptions to shipboard credits for travelers that you won't want to miss. Many world cruises will also be Virtuoso Voyages. Virtuoso voyages is a collection of the best cruise experiences in the world. These voyages are only available exclusively through a Virtuoso travel advisor (that's us!). Virtuoso Voyages offer exclusive cruise benefits, insider access, and excellent value, such as....

  • Private car & driver in port
  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Specialty dining options
  • Shipboard and spa treatment credits
  • Custom and private shore tours

Pack the Essentials - Having enough vitamins, beauty products, and other toiletries to last the duration of the cruise is good idea but also keeping in mind there are onboard shops (and ports of call) where you can purchase similar items. You may also want to consider packing extra prescriptions in case of loss. Also, pack to wear layers. This trip is all about comfort but be realistic, as you'll need a variety of climate focused clothing and sensible walking shoes. Pro Tip: You don't need as many clothes as you think. For even more helpful tips on how to pack for your world cruise make sure to check out our other blog artcile that breaks down How to Pack For An Around the World Cruise.

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