How to Pack for An Around the World Cruise

By: World Cruise Advisors

You’ve booked the most incredible bucket list adventure, a world cruise. And by now you have most likely started to ask yourself, “how in the world am I going to pack for a 4-month cruise?”

The prospect of having to pack for a world cruise that lasts anywhere from 75- to upwards of 245-days, might be a little intimidating. The excitement of this incredible around the world cruise is what you should be focusing on, but that may be overshadowed with the daunting thought of being away from home without your closest nearby. To put it simply, a world cruise can be thought of as a string of cruises all in one. That means your usual packing supplies might not fit the bill. There are a few main components you may want to consider. That is why we’ve come up with a Top 5 packing list to help ease your mind when thinking about packing for your World Cruise voyage.

Top 5 - Packing Musts For Your World Cruise

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1. Simplify your wardrobe: Versatile clothing items are key

Picking a few color schemes when thinking about clothing options to include in your packing allows you to create interchangeable outfits so you can easily mix and match. Also, remember that when visiting religious sites, you will need to be wearing modest clothing to cover your knees and shoulders or you could be denied entry.

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2. Use the Laundry Service Onboard

Many cruise lines offer laundry service that allows you to put all your laundry together and have it collected to be washed, steamed, and/or professionally dry-cleaned. Then have it delivered right in your cabin all folded or hung accordingly.

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3. Pack Only the Essentials

Think about all the things you use, wear, or take every day. Maybe that’s vitamins, sunglasses, curling iron, medications, etc. make a list of your daily routine that may include specific items. Then prioritize what you consider to be the “must have’s” since you’ll be away from home for a significant amount of time.

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4. Consider Your Excursions & On Ship Events

It’s a good idea to keep your excursions in mind while packing for your world cruise. If you know you’ll be partaking in a bicycle trek while in port off the coast of Ireland, comfortable clothes and sneakers are great options. You also want to keep in mind gala events the ship might be holding during your nights onboard. As an affiliate member of Virtuoso, on most World Cruises, we are able to offer private invitations to a pre-cruise gala event at your port of dis-embarkment. Plan for some extravagantly dressed dinner parties where you can dress to the nines, but only if you want to join in on the fun!

Pro Tip: Join in on these events - they are truly exquisite.

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5. Bring a Little Piece of Home
Being on a World Cruise means sailing the world for months at a time and you will definitely miss home or loved ones. That's why we think packing something that reminds you of home in any way that means to you, will help you breaking through any feelings of homesickness. A World Cruise is something to cherish and thoroughly enjoy that's why we always encourage our clients to pack a little reminder.

Planning for a World Cruise is a lot easier with a little direction, and especially when someone else helps you plan all the fine details. If you're ready to get started click the button below - we're ready when you are!

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